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IPG fiber lasers use less electricity than competing laser products, and we estimate that the operation of IPG fiber lasers (instead of other types of lasers) has resulted in approximately 40 billion pounds less global CO2 emission since 2011 and 13 billion pounds less CO2 emission in 2019 alone.  IPG lasers are used in renewable energy products including the production of electric vehicles (EV), solar cells and EV batteries. Our laser technology also enables lighter materials to be used in transportation that reduces weight and improves fuel efficiency. Laser welding reduces the amount of overlapping material required in joining. Additionally, IPG lasers enable more efficient and faster drilling of holes in turbine blades and fans that improve jet engine fuel efficiency.

Within our operations, we are committed to reducing energy consumption and driving reductions in our greenhouse gas emissions. We are also focused on advancing a global strategy for energy efficiency across our entire enterprise to not only drive cost reductions and lighten our environmental footprint but also support our customers’ sustainability goals.

As an organization, we champion diversity and focus on attracting and retaining talent from varied backgrounds and experiences. Currently 40% of our global leadership workforce consists of women and minorities in key management roles. We actively recruit women and minorities into valued positions in IPG while investing in professional and academic programs that develop and empower their growth. IPG is committed to conducting business with integrity and complying with all laws and regulations for the locations where we operate. In all interactions, we are accountable to our employees, customers, suppliers and other key stakeholders

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